“Come and See”

We are developing disciples in their relationships to their Lord Jesus Christ.

Real Family

Ministry is about people. We’re constantly connecting with rich conversations and detailed prayers for one another.

Our elders and deacons care for this local group of God’s Church; we share each other’s burdens and check on physical and spiritual needs throughout the week. We love to have children in our services, where they see and participate in age-integrated worship.

Big Impact

Do you want to have a purpose bigger than yourself? We purpose to develop believers who will make an impact by choosing the Bible as their standard. God’s Word accomplishes what He desires, and its ripple effects have gone from London, Ohio to around the world.

Our missionaries broaden our impact as our messengers to other places to carry on this proclamation. The same can be said of some of our own who have joined military service and are living the Gospel wherever they travel.

During the school year, we encourage college students who worship with us. They then move on to carry the Good News to other places.

And we start at the beginning by training up children in various ways to love Jesus and follow him. Our services and events are designed to be complete yet concise, based on Biblical principles: fellowship, missions, service, instruction, thanksgiving.

Firm Foundation

Do you want to know the truth? Real and lasting truth is only found in God’s unchanging, always-relevant Holy Bible.

We are committed to honor the Lord through the proclamation of Biblical truth as the standard for obedience, the Christian life, Biblical worship (God-focused, Christ-centered, Holy Spirit-empowered), and service to others.

This has been true since our formation in 1967, and is communicated throughout our doctrinal statement. Check it out for yourself by reading the supporting verse listings within the statement!

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