Grace Baptist Church | London, OH

“Public and official announcement” is one definition of the word “proclamation”.  There is no greater news to announce to you than TRUTH.  Do you want to know the truth?  Real and lasting truth is only found in God’s unchanging, always-relevant Holy Bible.  This truth is what you will hear in sermons and other communications from Grace Baptist Church (see service times).  Our calendar is purposely limited so as not to be overwhelming, but our events are based on Biblical principles (i.e., fellowship, missions, service, instruction, thanksgiving, etc.)  Our missionaries act as our messengers to other places to carry on this proclamation. 

Ministry is about people.  Our elders and deacons care for this local group of God’s Church, checking on spiritual and physical needs.  We love to have children in our services where they see and participate in age-integrated worship.  Prayer is the first line of defense…and offense…in our gatherings, and many people of all ages participate in simple sentences of conversation with our Heavenly Father.  Women’s Missionary Fellowship looks for ways to meet needs and encourage, both locally and globally, in the mission of pointing other people to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our purpose statement is about developing believers who will choose to make the Bible their standard, and who are willing to go wherever the Bible takes them.  This has been true throughout our forty-seven year history.  A lengthier doctrinal statement delves further into various topics.  Check it out for yourself by reading the supporting verse listings within the statement!