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In his letter to Theophilus, Luke wanted to give a bedrock certainty by supplying him with a historically verified and completely accurate account of the life of Jesus. He does not just want him to know about Jesus, but to truly and deeply and personally know Jesus.

We have seen repeatedly the key verse of ‘The Singing Gospel’ is “For the Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which was lost”—Luke 19:10

Throughout the first several chapters, God's word has shown us this Son of Man is truly God and truly man, and that He continually depended on the Holy Spirit for supernatural power. This underscores every believer's desperate need to rely on the same Source of power.

As Jesus spoke of delivering the captives, the question arises: “Does Jesus have the proposed authority to deliver those who are captive?” Luke gave us a record of Jesus' power on display: the power of His message, His power over demons, His power over disease, even His power over the Sabbath.

Jesus chose his disciples, knowing their strengths and weaknesses, but knowing what God would make of them. The account shows us how Jesus transforms everyday people—even sinful people, like Peter—into His servants, involved in His great cause of catching people for God.

Jesus spoke to his disciples “on the mount” and gave us radical statements about what a Christian looks like and does. He gave us a new dimension of love: it is humanly impossible, but supernaturally Himpossible.

Our journey through the gospel of Luke continues...